Corporate Communications

Since 1997, when I began editing Clairol’s Beauty & Beyond newsletter, I have worked regularly on internal publications for a variety of companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb, American Express, Deloitte, and Pfizer. I have also worked on similar publications for such non-profits as the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation and Sarah Lawrence College.

I recently helped Bristol-Myers Squibb complete interviews and short pieces for a sustainability brochure and created, along with my designer, Deirdre Reznick, a web site for the design firm Mind/Hand. We also produced a series of promotional publications chronicling the first four years of Teachers College’s Executive Masters Program or XMA.

Bristol-Myers Squibb: Sustainability Brochure

In the spring of 2016, I worked with Bristol Myers Squibb to help create a brochure that illustrated the company’s progress in meeting its sustainability goals. The work involved extensive interviews with company employees and the drafting of short and longer versions of stories on company achievements that would appear in the brochure and . . . → Read More: Bristol-Myers Squibb: Sustainability Brochure

Mind Hand: “A Unique Design Build Adventure”

Working together as DPI Creative, Designer Deirdre Reznick and I created a web site for the wonderful “design build” interior design company Mind/Hand. To explore the site, please click here.

XMA II: Live Learning

Here is the second of the three installments  designer Deirdre Reznik and I created chronicling the first modules of Teachers College’s new XMA program. This round, we visited  the program’s second module and highlighted its  focus on group dynamics. The design of the brochure also reflects the ideas behind the module.

When Mary Manoogian . . . → Read More: XMA II: Live Learning

American Express: Royal Treatment

This is a piece I wrote  for American Express’ internal publication, Context. It appeared in the summer, 2008 issue.


When Rohit Berry thinks of extraordinary service, he thinks of Ritz-Carlton. During a dinner at one of the chain’s upscale hotels years ago, Bery, vice president, Customer Experience, told his waiter how much he . . . → Read More: American Express: Royal Treatment

Bristol-Myers Squibb: InTouch

Mike Seeley, senior vice president, Europe, and general manager, France.

For years I wrote regularly for Bristol-Myers Squibb’s internal communications website Intouch. Here is a profile I wrote of senior Bristol-Myers Squibb executive Mike Seeley. It appeared on the site in 2008.


An Enduring Passion: Mike Seeley’s 38 Years as a Bristol-Myers Squibb Employee

Mike Seeley, senior vice president, Europe, and General Manager, . . . → Read More: Bristol-Myers Squibb: InTouch

Bristol-Myers Squibb: InTouch

As part of years of work for the company’s internal communications website InTouch, I wrote this series on the company’s global travel department, which appeared on the site in 2008.


Bristol-Myers Squibb employees are truly globetrotters. There are nearly 12,000 regular travelers in the U.S. and another 4,500 around the world, from France . . . → Read More: Bristol-Myers Squibb: InTouch

Bristol-Myers Squibb: InTouch

This is part of a series of stories I wrote on organizations collaborating with Bristol-Myers Squibb to support Lance Armstrong and his Tour of Hope Foundation. It appeared on InTouch in 2006.


At a recent meeting of C-Change, a Washington, D.C.-based organization, the list of speakers was impressive, according to Connie Curran, the . . . → Read More: Bristol-Myers Squibb: InTouch

Deloitte: Veterans Day

This is an internal communication I wrote supporting Deloitte’s diversity efforts. It was circulated on Veteran’s Day, in 2003.


Marketing Manager Eric Lambert’s computer says more about his military experience than he will, unless you ask him about it. When his screensaver comes on, a series of marine posters appear, including one with . . . → Read More: Deloitte: Veterans Day

Bristol-Myers Squibb: Secure the Future

As a regular writer for Bristol-Myers Squibb, I was given the responsibility of helping to manage and produce several brochures, among them this one reporting on the company’s charitable activities in South Africa. In the years that followed, I regularly wrote additional stories on the company’s efforts to combat HIV/AIDS, interviewing people on the . . . → Read More: Bristol-Myers Squibb: Secure the Future

Bristol-Myers Squibb: Diversity

One of my favorite moments as a writer for Bristol-Myers Squibb was the creation of this diversity brochure, which merged design and purpose towards a powerful representation of the company’s efforts. For more, please see: Making a Difference.

Clairol: Beauty & Beyond

These are three examples of the newsletter Beauty & Beyond, which I edited for Clairol from 1997 to 2001. I wrote all of the stories for every issue and worked with a wonderful designer and administration and it was a truly wonderful experience.


In 1998, we we highlighted leadership at the company by . . . → Read More: Clairol: Beauty & Beyond