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The Gull Wing Mercedes

This was my first published short story after college. It appeared in the Spring/Summer 1996 issue of Confrontation.

"Above the sales floor, little decorations, like tiny solar systems, blow in the created afternoon breeze. There’s confetti. Everywhere there are cars. New ones, gleaming ones, practical ones, impractical ones. The air is filled with the buzz of intention — signs say things like “Shopping Time!” “A Change In Your World View!” “Could Not Be Better!” “Not Next Week Or Next Year But Now!” “Yes!”

This car dealership is my new client. I am an advertising copywriter and I have decided to come here and get a look because it seemed like a good idea to see what it is I’m saying something about. it should not be any problem for me to sell this place to other people. I’m as good as selling sales. Selling selling!"

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