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Your Lucky Day

Published in Glimmer Train - Winter 2019 issue

“She thought maybe this will help. Stop in Eureka, before I get home. Maybe that will give me some ideas. Eureka! I might say.


Nothing else had worked. Not getting high before the drive, which had seemed like a good idea at the time (she was probably high then too—what was she high?), but now was beginning to wear on her. Too much exuberance. She needed to take the edge off her cheerfulness. Get sad? Slow down. Eureka.

She’d parked in Eureka, downtown, near the world famous gazebo, or whatever the hell it was supposed to be, and then gone and gotten a cup of coffee. And texted her mom. “Almost there.” And Mom texted back, “Almost where?”

So funny, LOL. Trying to act like it didn’t bother her that Marilyn wasn’t there yet. Marilyn knew perfectly well that she did care — a lot. Was probably waiting. Had said, “It’s time to come home.”  As if that was the obvious answer. The right thing to do. How would she know?”

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